Alto recorder* in f’ after Steenbergen,
a = 440, stained boxwood with dubbel or single holes, baroque (english) fingering,
Sound: rich and singing, easy and fast speaking

Jan Steenbergen, Amsterdam (1676 – 1752),
Mark: I.Steenbergen (skrolled) / Fleur-de-lis”

Born at Heerde (Gelderland) he is obviously sinds 1692 apprentice of Haka in Amsterdam.
In 1700 he advertised as a maker of woodwinds, who „ werkte 8 achtereenvolgende jaren by den wyt beroemden Mr. Haka “ (worked for 8 consecutive years with the widely renowned Mr. Haka).
This marvellous recorder has proved being an extremely good model for 20th c. copies of baroque recorders and I have been making it with great success for more than 25 years.
There are several recorders by Steenbergen preserved, one of them having 3 double holes (f/f# g/g#, c/c#), which allows you to play a very stable and well tuned c’’#.

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